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Friday, 6 May 2011

A Sneak Peak into Last Weekend…

Nordic eCommerce Summit 2011

Sarah, Christopher, and all the rest at Nordic eCommerce Knowledge, arranged one of the best e-commerce events on this planet — and it happened last weekend.

“This is definitely one of the better eCommerce events I’ve been to.” — Gary Vaynerchuck

We want to share everything we heard last weekend with you. It was fascinating, motivating, and inspiring. So we will be posting some articles about what we found to be relevant and interesting.

Nordic eCommerce Knowledge will be posting videos up soon on YouTube…in HD. We’ll link them up when they’re ready to go. But only two are in English, you really don’t want to miss those two — Gary Vaynerchuck and

But you can always watch them to see Sarah charm the crowd! She was nothing short of — incredible!

@@@@@ I love e-mail

Sunday, 13 March 2011

A+ for Our eCommerce Academy Students

So it begins! The education of our email loving students! So far, so great. There will be six more days of school before the grand finale at the Nordic eCommerce Summit in Stockholm Waterfront in the beginning of May.

Email was obviously on the menu for the first few days. Psst… email providers… how about we take better care of our ambitious email loving students? What do you say? Shame-shame on you!

Anyways… Here are some pictures from my lecture and the tasty dinner we cooked up that night (the food was delicious, by the way).

Thank you for two very, very inspiring days, all of you!


Friday, 3 December 2010

Isn’t Email Important to E-Commerce?

I spent a few days in Borås, Sweden, and had the chance to get in on the program for the Distanshandelsdagen (E-commerce Day). This day is really important because a whole melting pot of e-marketers and e-marketing providers are there. And the meat and potatoes on the discussion table was basically everything that’s important to the development of e-commerce.  Which is exciting.

Just over 800 people were there. And at this point, I’m sure you know that I am a perfect email nerd. In this crazy email frenzy, I was hunting for any and all email providers who I knew to be working hard to lift up and improve Nordic email marketing. But to my complete and utter dismay… I found one, uno, yes people the number 1… email provider on the floor. Who? Compost! (No, it’s not a farming company).

There are four of us at “Nordic eCommerce Knowledge” that will be organizing the Nordic eCommerce Summit in Stockholm in May 2011 – that’s why I know that Compost is the only provider that has taken the initiative completely of themselves to have a part in the Summit.

Compost was also at the Distanshandelsdagen in Borås, and they did a pretty awesome job with shining a light on the positive side of email marketing.

After this, I’m pretty sure that the thirst for knowledge about email marketing, integration, transaction email, and email with social media couldn’t be any stronger in any other industry than within the world of email and e-commerce.

Thank you Robert, Vegar, Apu, Sara and Felipe for showing all of your enthusiasm for email marketing!

I’ll put up the photos as soon as I can. Wait in expectation.


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