Monday, 16 April 2012, 2:27 PM

Don’t Forget the Bottom Navigation Bar!

I feel it’s really interesting that an increasingly number of people choose to develop an attractive bottom navigation bar. When I visited in Boston there were representatives for ever so many companies telling about how sales in the bottom navigation bar increased immensely. Especially from smart phones. It is as the recipients quickly scroll through the newsletter and when they don’t find anything particularly interesting they seem to appreciate some kind of clear categories at the bottom of the newsletter. Most companies telling about this estimated the sales from the bottom navigation bar to 30-40 % of the sales from the newsletter. Check these examples:

Carter’s has three clear boxes which makes it easier for the readers to go on and to shop. It’s really simple to continue from a smart phone also. The link texts aren’t too small either. Good!

OshKosh B’gosh has the same type of clear ”call-to-actions”. Why does it work so well to ”order” people what to do? Maybe because we feel that it’s nice to hear someone telling us what to do in the stream of confusing(?) information we get every day. (At least that is what I was told at a webinar about Pinterest two weeks ago.)

American Eagle Outfitters has a more ”timid” design, but with the same function.

Marks & Spencer has extremely clear ”invitations”, simple to click on in small entities. In addition they make me feel a little special since the offers only exist online. There is a value in being a subscriber of their newsletter.

And don’t forget to check what it looks like when the pictures are blocked and do tell what your customers are supposed to do in your alt-texts. Make a test – I believe that you’ll have more clicks than you think.