Thursday, 11 August 2011, 10:27 AM

E-mail Design for Mobile Users

A few good points to consider when designing newsletters for mobile users:

  • Use a slightly bigger text than you usually use for home pages. Small text links are difficult to point at.
  • Avoid text sizes smaller than 12 pixels.
  • The same goes for small buttons. Mobile users are often distracted too. (62% use their cell phone when watching television.)
  • Apple recommends a pixel size of at least 44×44 for ”pointable” objects – text links and picture links in this case.
  • Microsoft recommends you to increase the pointing area of the links if they are close to the screen edge.
  • Graphics with poor contrast will probably be barely visible on a mobile screen.

Some of these points are pretty obvious, but I must confess that it has happened that I’ve forgotten the simple solution of just increasing the size of the text. These self-evident(?) reminders will make it a lot easier for our mobile users!

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