Saturday, 20 November 2010, 12:42 AM

Get New Subscribers to Your Newsletter

I’m asked a lot: “How do we get people interested enough to subscribe to our newsletter?” We’ve talked about this before, but I think it´s worth talking about again!

One of the most common mistakes companies make when they want to start a newsletter is that they focus so much on getting people interested externally that they forget about everyone internally. Usually when I’m asked this, I ask them: “Does your marketing department, the people that take your orders, customer support etc, know about your newsletter?” Usually the answer is simply: “I don’t know.” And even if the people within the company do know that there is a newsletter, they don’t have a clue about the positive effects for themselves. Here are some tips to get your colleagues involved so you can get the subscribers you want:

  • Show your colleagues what kind of information you get back when you’ve sent a newsletter. When the CEO or marketing department is actually able to see the number of people who have opened the newsletter, what link they clicked on and when, their interest will skyrocket and they will very quickly see the advantages in newsletters. Bring printouts to your weekly meeting and show everyone how much they can learn about your subscribers through e-mail marketing. All of a sudden like magic, it´s fun for everyone to talk about the newsletter!
  • Make sure you point out that there are actually advantages for more departments to get involved in the newsletter. And maybe, if they dare, they can post to the blog or have their very own newsletter piece!
  • Show your sales people and support etc, that they can check all the statistics for every customer themselves! But you have to let them have access to all the information. When they have personal contact to your readers they are able to give out more personalized information. This is especially valuable for your sales people because now they can see if your customers have changed address, and what they like to read etc. This way they get to know their customers and will find a whole new way to see what they’re interested in. Plus, they can follow up with customers in a more efficient way. But, of course, use your good judgement!
  • Make a plan for your departments so that they can contribute to your e-marketing in the long run. The support department could send out educational letters that help your customers to use your system in a better way. Developers could send out updates about new features and functions or about plans for the future. The people who handle the orders could talk about any new procedures when customers order products. The marketing department could send out helpful tips and advice about the stuff they work with… Get all of the departments be part of the planning! And I’m sure you can come up with some more great ideas and strategies for your company!

Theres plenty more to be said about this, but maybe some of these hints can contribute to some new ideas in the endless hunt for new readers!

Good luck!