Tuesday, 27 September 2011, 12:48 PM

We Do Say ”Thank You!” – Or Don’t We?

If we make a deal or an agreement or maybe confirm some kind of trade … What is it we usually do in such a case? Well, we shake hands or in some other way confirm that we have a deal. But how often do we see this when it comes to confirmations of a subscription to a newsletter? Rarely, I’m sorry to say.

If customers share something that is dear to them – their email address – which means that the senders of the newsletter are able to get in touch with the customers whenever they like – wouldn’t it be appropriate to say thank you? And at the same time make it very clear what the deal is about. When I register to a newsletter I sooo often get the same message; something about that I’ve now been added to their list for newsletters. In the worst cases I’ve been told that I’m now on their ”customer list”. I’ve even been called a ”bronze customer”!

Below are some examples of good confirmations:

Thank you popup

So, say ”Thank You” to a new reader and work a little with the design – that’s not too much to ask for, is it?

Here’s another one; they show a little humor, which makes them feel free to ask for a little more if the customer show some appreciation:

Thank you screen

I do like the following example because it tells me once again what we agreed on (and then they ask for some more information):

Thank you landing page

Next one tells me how happy they are having a friend like me, they even drink a little(?) champagne – without me, it seems, but that’s all right!

Thank you email

So check out in what way you confirm a subscription or a membership – both as a message on the web and as a confirmation email. To say thank you and confirm an agreement is, in fact, just an ordinary courtesy – and I don’t give a damn about what your email provider thinks about it or what is the easiest for you. This is all about what is the easiest, the finest, and the nicest for your customers! Always priority no 1!