Who are we?

Sarah Wittbom
Christopher Mansson

Sarah WittbomSarah Wittbom has been working with email marketing for more than 4 years now. It’s been one wild and email crazed ride for her. She’s done everything from selling professional tools for email marketing and writing step by step manuals, to giving the best lectures on this planet, and let’s not forget the teaching and writing her own very successful newsletters. After working for an email provider for 3 years, it only felt natural to make the move and work more independently (of any tool provider) and add her emailing brainpower to other channels. So, when a company called Wipcore asked her if she wanted to be part of a big campaign in the world of email, the choice was simple. Ethical email communication is something that allures her more than anything, and let me tell you, she could talk about it for-ev-er… ”Miss Chatter” is a lovely nick name she got after a much appreciated lecture on ethical emailing. She can live with that, but only if she escapes ”Queen of Spam”.

Christopher ManssonChristopher Mansson, the mastermind behind our beloved website, has many years of experience with web and email design. He’s wafted his magic wand over and designed thousands of templates for newsletters, so he’s well aware of the limitations of email clients compared to browsers. And to help us all out, he’s written an awesome guide on email design. Clear color schemes and stripped down minimalism is Christopher’s signature design in emails. However, he feels a deep sorrow over the day he made the first template with rounded corners and edges – What!? That’s what everyone wanted! So hundreds of rounded corners and edges later, Christopher can say with a clear conscience, that he only uses square corners now.

Kersti WittbomKersti Wittbom, aka The Kerstinator, is the one who makes things happen. When it comes to translating this blog from Swedish to English, she’s our go to goddess. She has been working as a teacher of Swedish for a long string of years now, and as a book translator, from English to Swedish. Grammar? Piece of cake. English? She owns it. And now she has entered the brave new world of emailing and blogging. There is no better translator.