Friday, 9 September 2011, 7:18 PM

Active E-Mail Recipients Are Rewarded

Apart from the e-mail resources that MailChimp so generously shares with us – for free – they also have a blog (a nerd warning, though!) which I find very good. They use many technical terms without explanations though, so you need to be familiar with the technique. In any case, they are not afraid of showing how their system functions and how they work internally.

Their two blog posts about their delivery sending speed are quite exciting if you’re interested in the technique behind the deliverance of newsletters.

Delivery Speed, Part 1

Delivery Speed, Part 2

One thing in particular, that I like with this e-mail service provider, is that they mark the e-mail recipients and arrange so that the active recipients get the e-mail deliveries first. You can see the markings on your e-mail list in your e-mail tool and you can use these markings for your own purposes as well – to segment the newsletters according to how active your recipients are, for instance.

Here they explain how they mark their recipients.