Monday, 5 December 2011, 1:36 PM

Increase Sales with E-Mail Receipts/Confirmation E-Mails

Here’s another ingredient – one of the five that Sarah lectured on during the webbdagarna a couple of months ago. (You remember when she was talking about generation Y and e-mail marketing.)

Generation Y (people born between 1980 and 2003) is a very ”shop inclined” target group. If you give them a good offer in a newsletter, they won’t say no!

If you are an e-retailer, I recommend you to use the e-mails you already send to your customers. An e-mail receipt, a confirmation of order, the answer you send to a customer for ordering from your web shop – they’re all perfect for offerings and increased sales. If it’s not too complicated to add a link and a picture in your e-mail receipts this might be a good idea for a small e-retailer to try in December. Try out adding simpler things and measure what results they give.

Amazon, for instance, increase their sales by reminding their customers of gift cards in the e-mail receipts they send out.

To do this they use an ordinary image link, which they then are able to trace to the e-mail receipt. The link has a little reference at the end telling that the visitor entered from an order confirmation e-mail.

This is how the link looks:

Tracing a click from an e-mail is usually not very advanced. So think about it!

E-retailers in Sweden don’t seem to use gift cards very much… Why?