Tuesday, 12 July 2011, 12:19 PM

Individually Adjusted E-Commerce at Its Best

Have you ever experienced going to your local shop to buy butter – and returning home with everything except butter? I do that all the time. My head is full of thoughts, mostly thoughts about my job – seldom about butter.

That’s why I buy a lot of small things like screw drivers, for example, in web shops. It’s so easy to visit Amazon and click on the buy button as soon as I remember I need a screw driver. If I don’t do that I keep forgetting and what is broken remains broken for months.

Sometimes I even forget about the screw driver I’m about to click on if the phone rings or I get an important email. Anyhow, I shop a lot from Amazon.

When the above did happen, one day passed and an email from Amazon landed in my inbox. That screw driver I checked out, but forgot about, is the very first thing they offer!

I had had problems with finding good pens for some time, so I remember that I took the opportunity to search for pens at the same time. And yes, next time I visited Amazon there was a new offer: ”A livescribe echo Smartpen”!

There are many reasons why Amazon is a successful company. Do you by any chance believe that individually adjusted e-commerce is one of them?

Amazon ”remembered” what I was interested in last time I visited, they know how I want to pay and in what way I want my goods delivered. One click for one buy is everything they ask from me when I have put an article in my cart. And if I don’t click on the buy button, they remind me in their next email.

Listen and learn, e-retailers!

The individually adjusted emails from Amazon get four hearts!