Monday, 9 July 2012, 5:56 PM

A Neat Film Made by Campaign Monitor

Some time ago Campaign Monitor, an e-mail service provider, got in touch with us asking why they didn’t get the best mark in our test of e-mail tools. One of the reasons was that we felt that guiding films and other types of support are really important for a user who really wants to master the tool.

Their answer was that they would look into the matter at once. (I do like that kind of attitude!) And the founder of the company, Ben Richardson, seems to be a man of action. When you visit their home page you’re immediately encountering this very nice ”guiding” film clip on their editor. Since I’m a girl having a weakness for synth music – I kind of fell in love with it…

Campaign Monitor Editor Demo from Campaign Monitor on Vimeo.

Ben, if you read this … Where’s your very nice e-mail gallery? I miss it, can’t find it on your new fine home page.

Love Sarah@@@@@