Wednesday, 20 June 2012, 11:18 PM

Avoid Using Direct Marketing as E-mail Marketing

This e-mail message has been sent to in accordance to the rules for e-mail marketing in the Data & Marketing legislation in Europe.

This is what is said in quite a few of the newsletters from Swedish companies and these newsletters frequently land into our info addresses. Those are letters we do not want.

It´s a great pity that Swedish companies choose to send this type of uncommissioned newsletters. Why don´t they wish to communicate and create relations with their customers? Why do they use a legislation from the European Union as an excuse to avoid a marketing opportunity?

Please do NOT answer this message, since it is sent from an e-mail address that is not monitored.

This is usually written close to the unregistration link. Obviously they do not want to take responsibility for their marketing since the company makes it difficult for the customer to get in touch with them. Do send all your messages from an e-mail address that is available.

This newsletter is being sent to you since you are registered in our data base.

Why are people´s names in your data base? Avoid buying data bases with e-mail addresses! It will be very evident that you don´t really care about your customer registers if you do.

Enough of bad examples. Here is one worthy of imitation. It´s from Kjell & Company.

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