Thursday, 20 December 2012, 11:47 PM

The Very Best Campaign!

MacHeist has done it again – the best e-mail campaign!

What they do is to gather a bunch of applications, pack them in an attractive way and sell them at a heavily reduced price during a limited time. For 29 dollars your’re offered applications worth 589 dollars (and 25 % of what you pay goes to charity)!

They implement this with the help of gamification and a neat, pretty aggressive e-mail campaign consisting of many e-mail – but the again: you do get a lot for free. Up until the day the package is available you’re asked to solve riddles and problems, and in this way you get applications for free.

In every e-mail there’s something of value for you.

You may look for a neater and more well-made campaign – but you won’t find one!

Check these e-mails and be inspired!

The e-mails above seem to be one single big picture – which wouldn’t have been such a great idea since most e-mail clients block pictures – but that is not the case.

If you scroll the e-mail you’ll find interesting messages too:

When you visit the web page you’ll find the same neat design:

And simultaneously you’ll find the same campaign on Facebook and Twitter – of course.

With this campaign MacHeist enhance the customers’ interest and give value during a long time before the offer itself turns up. They keep their subscribers engaged and curious. With the help of gamification it becomes a little game and a digital adventure.