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Monday, 9 May 2011

Perfect Content From a Travel Agency…Shocking

It’s no secret that the travel industry is struggling with email marketing.  Their opening frequency is in the dumps compared with other businesses – like certain organizations and B2B. But why?

Obviously there are many factors involved, but let me ask you – how many times a year is your average Joe doing concrete planning for traveling? Joe is limited to once or twice a year by time and money – naturally he’s not too interested in that travel email. If you remember the early days of email, you’ll remember that the travel industry was early in using email marketing – hence why people may be a tad fatigued over travel newsletters. These are just two of the many factors.

Travel newsletters nag way too much about prices, at least that’s what I see when I fumble through the letters we get. We’d be more interested in reading their letters if they focused on destinations – things to do, things to see, some inspiration. I found this the other day. It’s a blog –  – and a very interesting one at that. Even if I’m not planning to travel now, I can get ideas about the future.

The blog talks to all of us. Which cities are excellent for photography? Should I rent a car in this city? There are articles about great airlines, beautiful hotels, and others services. They do have some offers in the blog itself, but they are definitely not the focus. How about this? Translate this idea into your newsletter and web content. I guarantee you will see a shift in your figures…


Friday, 6 May 2011

A Sneak Peak into Last Weekend…

Nordic eCommerce Summit 2011

Sarah, Christopher, and all the rest at Nordic eCommerce Knowledge, arranged one of the best e-commerce events on this planet — and it happened last weekend.

“This is definitely one of the better eCommerce events I’ve been to.” — Gary Vaynerchuck

We want to share everything we heard last weekend with you. It was fascinating, motivating, and inspiring. So we will be posting some articles about what we found to be relevant and interesting.

Nordic eCommerce Knowledge will be posting videos up soon on YouTube…in HD. We’ll link them up when they’re ready to go. But only two are in English, you really don’t want to miss those two — Gary Vaynerchuck and

But you can always watch them to see Sarah charm the crowd! She was nothing short of — incredible!

@@@@@ I love e-mail

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Byte Size Problem – Problems with Showing Pictures in Gmail, Internet Explorer’s Fault

In a newsletter Sarah and I sent for Nordic eCommerce Summit, we had some problems showing pictures in Gmail on Internet Explorer while proofreading the letter.

With this particular problem, all the pictures look as if they’re being blocked, even though you’ve downloaded them. This is happening because of limited internet settings; you fix this through your web browser … here’s how:

It could be a little added protection on Internet Explorer’s part, Redmond likes to keep you safe from some of this evil content. So instead of checking “enable”, you can check “prompt” –- this means that IE will ask you for permission to gobble up those dangerous kb’s instead of idle covetousness.

Hope this solves your IE-Gmail woes! Comment if it doesn’t, our online tech support will be right on it!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Do You Think about Security When Choosing an Email Provider?

Security – in todays cloud-y internet based world, security is extremely important. But how far does your email provider take security? What measures do they take to make sure you’re in great hands? You see, it’s not just for your sake … it’s for your customers too.

Epsilon is one of the biggest email providers out there, and through some recent security fumbles – a few unlucky customers’ email addresses and personal information have plopped in the laps of the wrong people. According to Email Security Matters, Epsilon’s customers are, among others, companies handling extremely delicate and personal data – American Express, Citibank, and VISA are on that unfortunate list.

Read the press release for yourself.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

When Choosing an Email Provider…

Consider these points:

  • Map out what kinds of emails or newsletters you will be sending

  • Meet your support or contact person

  • Will they help you meet your goal and vision?

  • Integration

  • Review their policy

Choose the right email provider (PDF)

First point – Map the different types of emails you will be using, and make sure this email provider can help you with all of these different emails (confirmation, tip-a-friend-about-a-service, and product emails etc). The price could be severely affected by what they do or do not include.

Second point – Insist on meeting the person who will be taking care of you; and we don’t mean the sales person. Upon meeting this person, you can now answer the third point. It should be obvious by now if they understand where you want to go with email marketing.  Are they going to help you meet your goals? Are they enthusiastic about your vision, or are they doing it just for the dough?

Fourth point – Integration: Don’t settle for just an open API. Don’t misunderstand me, an open API is all fine and dandy, but how much will they help you in using it? Does it cost extra? And if it does, how much will this limit you?

Last point – Take a peek at their policy. Everyone will tell you that they don’t work with bought addresses – bought shmought.  But ask them if you can send messages to your bought addresses – ”You sure can!” Not a good policy, sorry…  they’re spammers.

When you want to renegotiate – or when you are about to buy a tool for the first time – click on the link above and download our PDF outline. Sit down and prepare yourself before you interview your next provider. The PDF is in Swedish, however, English is on it’s way. But in the meantime, you can exercise your Google Translate skills. Copy and paste, here you come!